Weekly Updates

Tikiri Pola.
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The 'Tikiri Pola' organized by Division 1 (Kinder Garten Section) of All Nations International School was held on Friday , 27th of October 2017. All the parents of D1 should be highly commended for their effort to make this a huge success.The way parents helped the kids to get real life experience from the point of arranging items for display up to receiving cash and giving balance gave evidence, for the healthy involvement of parents in moulding the desired persona in their kids.

The event fulfilled a part of the curriculum, by creating simulations the child needs in their struggle to perceive the world around them. The exposure these kids got, has facilitated learning , helping them to get connected with the input given through text books and the teacher. The fund built is expected to utilise for the welfare of the same division, and the educational excursions of the students in the kindergarten section.

Pre-School Concert and Graduation.
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Year-end concert is a valuable platform to show off the talents of our little children. They get rewarded for their hard work and get an opportunity to perform on stage for their parents and loved ones,to be proud of. The performances teach them the value of perseverance and practice, while giving satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Thereby, they take pride at each attempt they make at school and life.

Our little blooming buds of All Nations International School had the opportunity of displaying their talents on stage on the 4thof August 2017 which was the end of academic year 2016-2017. The students of Upper Kindergarten and Grade 5 reached a milestone by getting graduated, which is symbolic of continuation of their studies to the higher level.

Annual English Day
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All Nations English day which is visually celebrated once a year, gives a new lease on life to our dear children. Dictation, Handwriting, Creative writing, Public Speaking and Recitation are the main skills that are generally tested, so that our students feel the challenges they might face in their daily life, when acquiring and using English Language. This leads them to focus on those specific skills and master them.

English Day of the academic year 2016-2017 was held on 30th March 2017. The chief guest was Mr. Richard Mundy who is an English Actor, Script writer for television programmes and an eminent English teacher. The guests of honour were Mrs. Indrani Jayamanne, senior English teacher and a teacher trainer at LATE teacher academy. The other special guest was Miss Ann Mundy, who has served as an English teacher in many European countries.

Awards Day 2015-2016
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Our Annual Prize Giving 2015-2016 was held on 2nd of February 2017 in, “Ha Yung Jo Hall”. It was named as “Independence Awards Day”, naming it after the Independence day, which fell on 4th of February 2017. Therefore, the name “Independence” added more value to this great day of the year.

The ceremony was commenced in the morning and the procession of the Academia with chief guest was escorted to the hall by the committee members. After the opening prayer, the National flag and the Korean flags were hoisted to indicate the diplomatic ties between both the countries. This is followed by the School song, sung by our prefects. The welcome speech was delivered by the Principal, Mr. Bo Peter Kwon.

Awards ceremony paved the way to acknowledge and give due recognition to students’ achievements and to show gratitude to teachers and the supporting staff who have helped for the success of ANIS. At this annual event, certificated ware awarded in accordance with various criteria as subject prizes, progress prizes, best behavior and many more.

Joy 2 the world carnival
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We, All Nations International School, being a unique community,have the access to evaluate the different potentials of our students they are endowed with. As we believe that an upbringing of a child should be consisted of qualities such as kindness, endurance,faithfulness, leadership and many more, we offer our children miscellaneous activities which encompass the areas thay should encounter in their journey of life.

'Joy 2 the world', one of the flamboyant events hold annually at ANIS, was able to gather a large crowd for the second time at ANIS premises on 3rd December 2016 where the event carried a number of games allowing the neighbors around the school to participate in the jocund company along with our children.

It was such blissful afternoon that our blithesome future leaders overwhelmed themselves in aworld filled with wonderful games, avoiding the weariness they were wrapped in during the school hours.  

Floods Donation
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Being an enthusiastic community, we gathered our helping hands by collecting donations from ANIS students and parents in order to help the children who suffered from the flood.

By participating in this noble task, our prefects have learned how to be empathetic at such circumstance in their lives.  

We are grateful for all the donations and for those who contributed to make this meritorious deed a success.  

Arts and Crafts Exhibition
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We are an inclusive community where our children are appreciated to encourage themselves in unveiling their talents with the help of mutual cooperation and understanding.

Since we believe in hidden artistic talents of our young spirits, we became succeeded in performing Arts and Crafts of our ANIS children on 4th July 2016. 

We encountered the inner imaginative world of our division one, two and three children in related to the given themes such as cartoons, nature, Sri Lanka and Korea respectively.  

All our ANIS teachers played a special role in helping our children to make this breathtaking even a success.. 

ANIS Walk 2015 'Walk Towards Glory'

ANIS Walk 2015, “Walk Towards Glory” was a pleasant evening which gave loads of experience to our students, teachers and parents and ending with a starry night.

This walk speaks a volumes of unique ANIS community whose unity made it the most successful and glorious parade our neighbouring towns witnessed in the recent past.

The starting ceremony was held at K-Zone Ja-Ela where the traditional oil lamp was lit by the host of guests. The occasion was graced by the chief guest Mr. Deshabandu Thennakoon, Senior Superintend of Police, while the Principal Mr. Bo Peter Kwon, Vice Principal Mrs. Dayani De Silva, Mrs. Esther the Managesress, The Tim Direcor Mr. Lee along with other Korean guests were the guests of honor.

This ceremony depicted the attempt to value and admire the Sri Lankan traditions despite the diversity we experience among its students and staff.

The Parade enabled the school to make new ties with the outside world facilitating better exposure.

All in all, ANIS walk left ever lasting memories not only for those in the school but for the people in neighbouring  cities.