Co-Curricular Activities
In our school, co-curricular activities are carried out uniformly through Language Day, Concerts, Science Day, and Arts & Crafts exhibitions. The purpose of co-curricular activities is to provide a holistic education to help students with their intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic developments.

ExtraCurricular Activities
Sports   Badminton
Annually, we hold the school sports meet and the inter-house sports meet, and participate in the annual International Schools Athletic Championship (ISAC Meet). For our young preschoolers, we hold the preschool sports meet in our school grounds.   Badminton at All Nations has seen a vast improvement during the course of this year. In order to promote this sport among the students,ANIS Inter-House Badminton Tournament was organized. We have established a full-size court in the auditorium. Our sincere gratitude goes out to the coach, and the members of the sports club for their faithful commitment.
The swimmers of All Nations International School have had a very busy year, and many young swimmers were recognized. With such a high participation level, we hope that under the training of our dedicated coaches, the swimmers of All Nations will earn an enviable reputation for both themselves and the college in the years to come.