School Clubs & Societies

Art & Craft
Arts & crafts are activities of human communication. It provides an opportunity for the students to improve their creative skills. In our arts & crafts club, they are able to express and appreciate the beauty of human expressions.

Learning to use a computer helps us to move with the modern technology. Therefore, acquiring computer skills is a major part of the current education. Not only the senior kids but the tiny tots too are given the opportunity to handle computers. Gradually, they will grasp the knowledge of theory and practical lessons. ANIS computer teachers are well qualified and talented, and have the mastery to explain the practical and theoretical knowledge to the students. Our students are given the chance to experience and improve their abilities in the field of Information Technology.

The students at ANIS have keen interests in all aspects of swimming program. Since swimming is one of the best exercise for all students, our swimming coach has taken the greatest effort to train our young swimmers. Annually, we organize swim meets to give opportunities to the students to compete with their talents. Most of the students have gained remarkable achievements at outside venues like district meets, outstation meets, and national meets. They have been successful to earn a good name for ANIS as well as making our swim team reputable.

In life there are many checkmates. However, through those checkmates, we learn to be more patient and prudent, and improve our life skills. ANIS chess class is taught with high prestige and dignity, and we have a reputable coach guiding our students. We have talented chess players that are in the top ranks in the national level.