We have high standards for learning and teaching, and we are proud of our achievements. Over the past years, it has been made very clear that a strong and caring team has been developed to provide the very best educational opportunities for each and every one of our CHILDREN.ANIS is a living institute. It resounds with laughter, joy, songs accompanied by the pitter-patter of tiny feet, and the shrill of excitement of happy children. At ANIS, our students feel at home, and they love playing with their friends and being with their teachers. You can see it on their faces and hear it in their voices when you walk into our classrooms. We believe there is no other place more vibrant with children enjoying the time of their lives than with us.

Early childhood is such a wonderful time for children, and we need to be careful how we raise them during this precious period.
It is important to protect them and provide them with a nurturing environment, and yet at the same time, we need to give them room to grow and experience things by themselves. Our school’s balanced curriculum allows children to mature naturally at their own pace. In order to see positive changes and growth in a child, there needs to be compassion and devotion because they are like water and sun that nurtures the growth of a life. Likewise, it is in this kind of environment where a child becomes confident, creative, independent, intellectually risk-taking, resourceful, social, and emotionally adaptable. These are the traits that we strive to develop in our students with the help of our qualified and experienced teachers.

We strongly believe in the value of play
ing freelyin a large open area where our students enjoy the freedom of running, tumbling, and playing around. The fallen leaves, twigs, and rocks provide natural materials for our students to stimulate their creativity, and the wide open area gives them the space they need to run around and just be children.

We welcome children from all cultures, faiths and backgrounds
, and strongly believe that every child matters. We work with all of the students to encourage and reward good behavior in addition to providing many strategies and resources, and proper supervision to reduce instances of inappropriate behaviors. We believe that children learn best when they feel safe, confident, and happy. We are a school that sets clear expectations, and maintains high standards in learning and behavior. We believe that every child has the right to have an education of the finest quality, and we aim to include all children in our continuing pursuit of excellence.

At ANIS we believe everyone should be treated:
• with respect, politeness and kindness
• equally, fairly and with courtesy
• with respect for individual needs and personal circumstances
• with sensitivity and understanding

The first five years of a child’s life are the vital foundation from which all
child’s future progress will build upon, and the dedication of the teachers, their peers, and you as parents are fundamental. Children learn best when they are healthy, happy, safe and secure, when their individual needs are met, and when they have positive relationships with the adults who care for them.

I thank God for ANIS and also for making me a part of the school's success story.
Like the Biblical mustard seed, ANIS has blossomed into a mighty tree that provides shelter for all children. All the achievements of this great institute could not have been possible without the support of God and goodwill of our beloved parents, the entire staff, friends and supporters.