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Pre School
Primary School
We have high standards for learning and teaching, and we are proud of our achievements. Over the past years, it has been made very clear that a strong and caring team has been developed to provide the very best educational opportunities for each and every one of our CHILDREN.   Primary school is a very important part in education because it lays a foundation for the secondary education. The major goals of primary education are achieving basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as establishing foundations in history, science, geography, and other social sciences.
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Secondary School
School Facilities
ANIS is stepping into her 13th year anniversary, and we have been empowered to build virtuous qualities such as morality, creativity, and character of numerous students who have gathered under her wings.   All Nations International School’s spectacular piece of land, ringed with flora in a calm and quiet surrounding, highly contributes to the development of our students’ mental growth.
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