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Vision Trip To Korea 2015

Our Cambridege A Level students were given an opportunity to get a tour of Korea for 10 days during the month of April. The trip was hosted by the school's sponsors led by the founder, Mr. Thomas Do. The four students, one parent, and the school's vice principal got to visit many prestigious universities in Korea as well as getting exciting cultural experiences. They visited universities such as Yonsei, Junju Vision, Handong, and more. They also visited Samsung, LG, and other corporations to broaden their spectrum of opportunities. For the cultural experiences, they got to wear the Korean traditional clothes (han-bok) at the cultural folk town, experienced the Korean public transportations, shop at many uniqe places, and see the beautiful scenary of Korea's spring. As for fun, they visited an aquarium, Nam San Tower, Lotte World, and Seoul Land. The best part of the trip was being able to spend time with the sponsors that love Sri Lanka, and getting a greater vision to go out into the world to become future leaders of Sri Lanka.

Field Trips

Memories of school educational trips are among the most prominent of the past years, largely because they are a welcome break away from the routine for both students and teachers. Educational trips should always have a major educational elements but the impact of educational trips includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environment and enjoy the day from the classroom.

Our first trip was to Anuradapura. We got a chance to visit and see many historical places . We went to Kandy and it was our second field trip. It was a really interesting trip and we visited both historical and natural places like “Dalada Maligawa, Gadaladeniya Viharaya, Lankathilkaka Viharaya, Ambekke Dewalaya and the Udawatta forest. Our next trip to Gall gave some children the opportunity to travel in a highway for the first time. We visited many places and enjoyed the day. Our last trip to Victoria Dam in Theldeniya gave us a chance to get to know the way how the electricity is produced. These field trips helped us to reinforce what the teachers taught us in the class and understand the topics better.

I take the opportunity to thank the board of directors, the manageress, Wasanthalal sir Umesh sir and all the teachers who organized the valuable educational field trips like these.Special thank goes to Mr: Raja for driving the bus safely and looking after us all the time.