Principal's Message

It is my joy and privilege to welcome you to All Nations International School (ANIS).

Our school is like a hidden gem within the forest of Ganemulla. We have a wonderful atmosphere where students can flourish in a natural, organic environment. We desire our students to be both free-spirited and well-disciplined, and to value tradition in order to form their identity. Our students are cultivated to love Sri Lanka, and to deepen their roots in this land.

Our teachers treat their vocation as a calling, and they are committed to providing students with a wholistic educational experience in order that they may become healthy and successful person. We are here to challenge and expand our students’ horizons. We want them to grow in an environment where they are encouraged to try something new without the fear of failure, to grow in character with integrity, and to build a lasting friendship among their peers and their teachers.

Our school was founded upon three cornerstones – LEADERSHIP-EDUCATION-INTEGRITY – by those that love Sri Lanka, and envisioned within the younger generation the future of this land. So our educational direction is privileged and burdened with cultivating the future leaders, and as our motto goes, we are “educating tomorrow’s leaders today.” I would like to wish you and your children a warm welcome to the ANIS family, and be a part of our vision.

With warm regards,


Bo Peter Kwon

Former Principals

Mr. Thomas
Y. Doh
Mr. James Lee Mr. Silva
Prof. Gregg
Mr. Hapuarachchi Mr. Won Sok Shin