Our History

As much as a birth of a nation is significant so is the birth of an educational institute. The concept of an educational institute in Ganemulla was the “Brainchild” of Rev. Thomas Doh.

When he visited a scenic piece of land in Bollatha in the year 1997,
he knewthat this piece of land was the place for the institute that God had put in his heart. The land on which ANIS stands so proudly today was envisioned by Rev. Doh, Mr. Min, Mr. Peter Park, and Mr. Joseph Park. They prayed and dedicated this land for the purpose of “Education of Tomorrow’s Leaders Today."
In the year 1999, the Construction Engineer director Mr. Peter Park and the Architectural Engineer Mr. Min carried out the construction plan without making any harm to this picturesque surrounding. It was declared opened as TIMI (Technical Information and Management Institute) on the 21st of June 2001 by Rev. Thomas Doh, Mr. Joseph Park, Mr. James Lee, and Mr. Peter Park. 

The TIM institute had achieved a remarkable progress, and noticing the need of the society, the directors thought of starting a Primary School. Hence, without any further delay, this thought was put into action, and by the year 2002, a primary school was opened. This primary school soon developed as an international school bearing the name “All Nations International School.”
The presiding order of the principals since 2002 are as follows: Rev. Thomas Doh, Mr. Silva, Mr. James Lee, Prof. Gregg Wareham, Mr. Ivor Happuarachchi, Prof.
Gregg Wareham for the second term, and Mr. Won Sok Shin. They all engaged with the task of bringing the school to the present standard. During the period of Professor Gregg Wareham, the school was brought to internationally accepted position.

Bo Peter Kwon is our present principal. His vision is to take the school to the highest level so that the students can dream higher to achieve their academic goals and dreams.

All the students have the opportunity to quench their thirst in discovering the knowledge of the world
, and to experience the benefits of new technology at ANIS. 





Former Principals

Mr. Thomas
Y. Doh
Mr. James Lee Mr. Silva
Prof. Gregg
Mr. Hapuarachchi Mr. Won Sok Shin